The trial account comes with 15 mins of talk time
The trial acount is to give you the chance to explore Fonesavvy and see if it benefits you and your caller
The trial account is only £2.99
The trial account is limited however, and you will need to upgrade your account to top up once the credit has been used
Upon completing registration have your debit/credit card handy
or your paypal account details
Upon succesfull payment you will be sent an welcome email
with all your details
The trial account is non refundable
Who Are We
Trial Savvy: register your mobile now for ONLY a £2.99 set up fee
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How We Started

Fonesavvy is the brainchild of a former prisoner of the 100,000 strong UK prison population.

Fonesavvy is the brainchild of a former prisoner of the 100,000 strong UK prison population. Upon his release, what started as a unique business plan in a prison cell, quickly became the only service of its kind with callers calling Fonesavvy users from establishments nationwide.

Due to the positive results and popularity of the Fonesavvy service we have now been able to expand into many other sectors and are now able to offer the Fonesavvy service to anybody using a UK network mobile phone.

How it works

Whatever the circumstance for using our services the person calling a FoneSavvy number will pay less than usual when calling your mobile phone.

Generally your caller will pay the same cost as if they were calling a fixed landline.

Depending on location and time of call, this can be up to 10 times cheaper than a conventional mobile call, with the reduced cost being paid by your caller, the reduced surcharge is taken from your remaining Fonesavvy balance

The Benefits

No hidden costs, just lower charges that split the cost between yourself and your caller. By registering with Fonesavvy, we will allow anybody to contact you on your existing mobile phone, whilst only being charged for a local rate call. you will not lose your existing mobile number, this will remain active for all existing contacts and for anybody not using your new fixed line number.

  • Providing a landline number that through our Fonesavvy service connects to a mobile telephone.
  • Up to 75% lower call charges
  • No more sitting by the phone, no more missed calls.

Who uses us

With customers from all walks of modern life including -but not limited to- Prisoners friends and relatives, Health care patients, small to medium businesses, parents, police officers, barristers and legal representatives- whatever your situation Fonesavvy has the no risk pay as you go solution for you.

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