The trial account comes with 15 mins of talk time
The trial acount is to give you the chance to explore Fonesavvy and see if it benefits you and the prisoner
The trial account is only £2.99
The trial account is limited however, and you will need to upgrade your account to top up once the credit has been used
Upon completing registration have your debit/credit card handy
or your paypal account details
Upon successful payment you will be sent an welcome email
with all your details
The trial account is non refundable
Our Rates & Tarrifs
Trial Savvy: register your mobile now for ONLY a £2.99 set up fee
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Costs And Charges

No hidden charges, no gimmicks. Below is the price band and credit provided for non 0800 and 0800 numbers.
  • 100% Pay As You Go!   No bill
  • No credit check,
  • Zero Risk!!!
  • Flat 10 pence per minute using the fonesavvy service

£14.99 one off payment for initial set up of account/administration.

Then Top up as required! - Easy

No Line rental for as long as you use our service

Please remember: (NON 0800) Callers will be charged the same rate as dialling a local landline number, currently 10 pence per minute + VAT from most prisons, less from regular phone lines. Fonesavvy gives you the freedom to receive calls without waiting by the landline and avoiding the caller being subjected to high charges

Top Up Options

Non 0800 Pricing

  • £10.00 = 83 minutes
  • £15.00 = 124 minutes of savvy credit
  • £25.00 = 207 minutes of savvy credit
  • £50.00 = 415 minutes of savvy credit
  • £100.00 = 830 minutes of savvy credit

0800 Pricing

  • £10.00 = 60 minutes
  • £15.00 = 90 minutes of savvy credit
  • £25.00 = 150 minutes of savvy credit
  • £50.00 = 300 minutes of savvy credit
  • £100.00 = 600 minutes of savvy credit
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