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Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the information below to highlight answers to any questions you may have about our service, you will usually find most queries are answered here or you can contact us here

Can others or the establishment tell if I am using the Fonesavvy service?
The only way anyone can know if you are using the Fonesavvy service is if you tell them.
What happens if I change my mobile number?
Please contact our support team with the new mobile number. We will then verify this number and update your account.
I no longer wish to use Fonesavvy can I have a refund?
Providing you have not used your services we will happily issue a full refund.
How do I cancel this service when I no longer need it?
After 60 continued days of no use your fonesavvy account will automatically be closed as we will assume 2months with no phone calls indicates contact is no longer wanted.
Can I close my account sooner?
Absolutely please use the contact us feature putting account closure as the header to your message, a member of the team will be in touch within 48hrs.
Is there a disconnection fee?
No way! As our service is pay as you go we don't charge to disconnect
Who does Fonesavvy benefit?
Fonesavvy is beneficial to a number of people, it allows people being held in an establishment to call mobiles at a reduced rate making their call credit and talk time last longer, FRIENDS and FAMILY no longer have to wait by a landline on the off chance there may be a call, being able to speak to loved ones reduces frustration resulting in a calmer environment in the establishment and also lowers the risk of contraband mobile phones.
What is a destination number?
Your destination number is your current mobile number which your caller can contact you on. We will provide you with a new FoneSavvy number for your caller which will then give your caller a cheaper way to call you.
Does it matter who my UK service provider is or which make/model mobile phone I use?
No, all uk service providers and makes and model are compatible with the Fonesavvy service.
How much will I need to top up my account?
The top up options are displayed on our costs page and we suggest that you keep your account topped up so that you dont miss a call. You will be able to log in and view your balance at any time so that you can work out which topup option best suits you. This flexible approach keeps you in control of your own account.
How do I pay my £14.99 set up fee?
Once you have completed the online registration form you will be directed to our payments page where you can make payment via PayPal, Credit or Debit Card.
How long will it take for me to receive my Fonesavvy number?
Once your payment has been received your Fonesavvy number and login details will be sent to you by email and SMS.
Is the Fonesavvy service available to those living overseas?
The Fonesavvy service is only available to residents of the UK including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland & Channel Islands as we will ask for a current UK address at the time of signup. We are working on expanding to other countries and will keep you posted every step of the way.
I have a business enquiry how can I contact Fonesavvy
Please use the contact us tab at the top of our page and a member of the team will come back to you.
My number is not working?
Please log into your account online and check your outstanding balance.
I topped up but funds were automatically debited from my calling credit?
You ran out of calling credit on your last call, instead of the call being disconnected your account went into arrears to enable you to finish your call.
I have signed up and paid my registration fee but still have not received my number or login details
Please check your junk and spam folders using a computer before requesting them again.
I don't understand why your caller credit is going down still if i am topping up my account.
Your caller will be charged the local rate for the call rather than a mobile rate, and you will have the minutes used deducted from your balance. Please note the total combined cost is still significantly cheaper than a mobile rate call from inside the establishment hence the benefit of our service.
If I am sending money to my caller and topping up my fonesavvy account, am I being charged twice?
The easiest way to explain this is, if your sending money into your caller then you are in theory paying the total call cost, however, by splitting the cost between your fonesavvy credit and your caller's internal credit it is overall more cost effective and convenient as if gives your caller more flexibilty to purchase other items with their money and gives you the flexibility to not have to sit by your landline
I have another issue not listed on the FAQ.
Contact us.
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